Friday, December 6, 2013


Iceberg at Jökulsarlon | acrylics and colored pencil on board | 100 x 70 cm

it took quite a while. after 6,5 weeks of painting it is finally finished.
iceland is a very beautiful country and it is said that snaefellsjoküll,
an icelandic volcano is one of the seven energy-centers of the earth.
artists and writers shall be travelling there to profit from its inspiration-energy.
this might be true or not, but i found inspiration in some
icebergs at vatnajoküll (another volcano of iceland).

Monday, August 19, 2013

franziska 2

franziska 2 | pencil on paper | 59 x 42 cm

we have been to iceland during the last weeks. this is
why this posting took its time. on this trip i found
some new inspiration and will start a new series.
im planing to do some really large-scale paintings in acrylics
and colored pencil on board. i believe that one single painting
will take 2-3 months to complete. so you will have to be
patient until my next posting.

Monday, July 8, 2013

website online!

  is now online!
have a look, bookmark and please share with
everybody, who might be interested in drawing, painting
and art in general!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


franziska | pencil on paper | 59 x 42 cm (23,6 x 16,8 inches)

what a relief when it was finally was quite difficult to draw.
keeping track of which pore and wrinkle i have already drawn
and which is the next to do was a struggle. it is a principle of mine
not to use any kind of mechanical or semi-mechanicle help like
projectors, grids or carbon-paper as drawing aid.
that is a challenge for me and keeps it interesting.

Friday, May 31, 2013

work in progress

work in progress | pencil on paper | 59x42 cm
this is a work in progress-photo.
it is the first portrait in a series of 3.
i still have a lot of detailing to do on the displayed
section and the contrasts are not perfect yet.
i hope to finish the drawing within the next
4 weeks.

Monday, May 27, 2013

a small boat at the"kieler förde"

boat | acrylics on board | 20x27 cm (8x11 inches)

"that is the coolest boat around here!" i heard a little boy say, who walked
by with his mum.i thought "he is damn right".i was of the same opinion on the
day some weeks ago, when i first saw it at he förde in kiel.
it was towed just around 200 meters from one of the biggest cruiseliners
that i have ever seen. but i think the adventures you can have with this
tiny boat when cruising the förde or the sea might be more interesting
than the captains-diner on a big ship....just my opinion.



self | acrylics on canvas | 60x50 cm (24x20 inches)

painting is drawing with colors. that was my opinion years ago,
when i just practiced drawing to hone my skills and precision.
at least for me this theory proved to be right as i bought
some acrylic-colors and brushes and tried to paint for the
first time ever(except the stuff we all had to do back in school).

playmobil knight

playmobil knight | pencil on paper | 15x21 cm (6x8 inches)

im standing in the toy store and im thinking "i have to buy him!
immediately!" i grab the box and i see some more boxes " and those
too!"....that is how i ended up with buying 5 playmobil-toys ranging
from knighst to kung-fu-warriors.
i think that drawing and experimenting with composition gave me
an excellent excuse to buy childrens-toys again!

another tap

tap 2 | pencil on paper | 15x21 cm (6x8 inches)

i did this one during a sick-leave because of a
burnout.restarting to draw helped me to relax
and recreate.
it is really great how you can live in the moment and
stop worrying while you draw or paint.


coke | pencil on paper | 15x21cm (6x8 inches)

this is a coke-bottle...done way back in 2006